Able Software Workshops
Las Vegas
User Workshop Training Information

This comprehensive utility billing system training seminar workshop will highlight valuable user experience and ideas for improving utility customer service performance.

Utility Star System Products & Enhancements
• Online Utility Customer Services
• System Information Analytics (USA)
• Enhanced System Reporting
• Suprima CashPower Integration Options
• Smart Meter System Integration
• Utility Star Data Protection & Recovery Services
• Customer Directed Content Sessions (Please submit your requests in advance)

General Utility Star System Training Subjects
• Work Order Creation & Management
• Customer Usage Information Management & Reporting
• Meter Systems Management
• New Service Connection Management & Reporting
• Customer Flagging & Alerting Options
• Customer Premise Configuration & Management
• New Customer Premise Wizard Operation
• Billing Rate Configuration & Reporting
• Master Account Set-up & Management
• Online Billing Services Management
• E-Billing Implementation
• System Security & User Access
• Additional System Reporting Capabilities
Please Note: Additional training topics may be added per attendee request

Advanced User Topics Workshop
•New Features & Enhancements
• Mobile Device Computing Solutions
• Data Archiving
• Inventory Management
• Third Party System Integration Solutions
• Utility Star Analytics Solutions
• Mobile Work Order Solutions