Utility Star Workshop

A comprehensive utility billing system workshop that will highlight valuable user experience will be held in this summer. Topics include: reporting systems for customers, meter, billing, payment and reporting systems, automatic meter reading (AMR) and integration with 3rd party systems.

Utility Star Platinum

The Advanced Topics workshop considered the most valuable presentation and will specifically address attendee issues. Sample topics include: • New Features & Enhancements • Payment Improvement • Automatic Meter Reading • Integration with 3rd party interfaces • Add your own items to the discussion.

CustomerDirect Pro

This workshop will introduce our online payment system - CustomerDirect Pro, which is also available on mobile devices. Sample topics include: • New Features & Enhancements • Improved banking interface • Mobile CDP • Other optional features

Able Software Managed Services (Cloud Based)

Able Software is currently working to transition (migrate) to a Cloud based service model. This enables our customers to have the option of eliminating the requirement to maintain premise based hardware and utilize network/internet connectivity to access Able Software products.

Potential cost reduction come from the potential elimination of:

• Server hardware
• SQL database software
• Operating system upgrades
• Help desk support services

Able Software is not planning to move away from our current on-premise product solution set, rather our goal is to provide more flexible technology options for customers and provide additional cost saving options as computing technology continues to advance and evolve.

Thin Client Product Solutions

Able Software is currently optimizing the Utility Star product line to more fully exploit the advantages of thin client hardware, such as PC terminals (no hard drive) and various tablet devices. This approach to software system management provides for a more centralized client hardware environment which may require less IT support and improved user data security.

Thin client hardware can potentially provide the following benefits:

• Less costly help desk services (computing HW maintenance & services)
• Enhanced user security
• Less information printing (lower paper costs)
• Increasing support for mobile office solutions
• Lower energy consumption

Mobile Device Computing Solutions

Able Software is currently developing products for mobile device optimization with the Apple IOS and Google Android mobile operating systems. These include Utility Star modules for mobile work order management, utility customer service feedback, mobile user analytics and other ideas for mobile device utilization.

Current Utility Star Products in development:

• ServiceDirect
• Utility Star Mobile Analytics
• CustomerDirect Mobile

Utility Star System Enhancements

Able Software continues to add product features and technology enhancements to the Utility Star product line.

Some recent examples are:

• CDPro enhanced online payment portal features
• Improved water conservation data and reporting options
• Enhanced Utility Star Analytics information views

Third Party System Integration Solutions

Able Software continues to develop and refine third party system interface capability for financial system software, smart meter hardware systems, online bill payment merchant systems and more.

Some recent examples:

• Improved ADR Suprima CashPower system integration
• Sage Financial System Integration
• Utility Star Analytics connectivity with additional database sources