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Taking Advantage of Expanded Utility Star Automated Reporting Features
Able Software allows automated system reporting tools to be utilized for various tasks to help make things more convenient for system users. The Utility Star Automated Report feature helps users to save time and improve working efficiency.

The Windows System Scheduler Feature is integrated with Utility Star to allow user selected reports to be run at set times with various parameter options:

*Report Timing
*Report Selection
*Report Name
*Report Cycle
*And more…

Please follow these guidelines to set up the Utility Star Automated Report function:

1. Users should make sure their Utility Star system has been updated to version 9.9.210 or higher.

2. Copy the ‘AutoCustomerToExcel.exe’ tool to the root directory of Utility Star.

3. To configure a scheduled task: Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Task Scheduler->Create Basic Task, and then fill in the Name of the task.

4. Click on the “Next” button to set up a Task Trigger. For example, Select “Daily” and then set up the start date, start time and recur cycle.

5. Click on Next button to go to the “Action” tab. Then select “Start a program” and click on the Browse button to select the proper path for the AutoCustomerToExcel.exe tool.

6. Click on the “Finish” button to complete your scheduled task settings. The scheduled task will then be displayed on the Task Scheduler screen and the automated report will be generated at the specified time as designated.

Please contact Able Software for more information about Utility Star products.