Utility Star Customer Search Enhancement

Able Software has recently released a new system update which allows the Utility Star customer search screen to be re-sized and optimized based on individual customer computer settings. This new update may be utilized for varying customer screen resolution settings which results in the Utility Star customer search screen being enlarged where necessary. The new system rule will allow the customer screen to be automatically adjusted to accommodate individual computer screen resolution settings.

In order to enable the “Customer Search Screen Enhancement” function:
1. Users should update their Utility Star software to version 9.9.205 or greater
2. Log in USP, Company->Rule Management, Category: System ->'WindowHeightCTRL'. This rule is used to control the size of the Customer -> Edit window.

3. When the rule is turned on, the screen size will change according to your computer system screen resolution setting.

Please contact Able Software for more information about Utility Star products.