Able Software Water Conservation Analytic Solutions for Utility Star Customers

Able Software has created a water usage (consumption) analytics solution geared towards helping water utility providers better understand and review their customer data with respect to meeting water conservation goals.

This solution takes the form of web based graphical views of Utility Star system information and allows system users to see system information displayed in graphical color or chart form. The information can be readily analyzed and displayed in a variety of ways and information can be exported in report format or printed as desired.

As water resource management has become increasingly important over the last few years, more water utilities have been motivated to better understand their water customer consumption patterns and explore ways to promote better water conservation efforts.

Utility Star “SmartView” Analytics can help provide insightful water consumption analysis for water utilities with new data display capability.

There are currently four individual water consumption related “Dashboard” views which may be used to better understand water usage trends and provide improved system information reporting for water utilities.

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One such example is the Water Consumption Summary Dashboard view:

The Water Consumption Information view provides a simple and effective way to see customer accounts and how they compare to various water conservation goals. A percentage may be entered to see how many customer accounts exceed the % goal for their current water consumption usage as compared to their previous monthly water usage. The percentage level slide bar allows any percentage number (positive or negative) to be set and displays basic information for customer accounts and relative consumption amounts.

This helps provide information about customer accounts that may or may not be meeting various water consumption savings goals. Reports may be generated, with customer account number, current usage, previous usage and usage (percentage) level change information.

Chart View 1: Customer Count By Percentage
Simply input the desired value in the Percentage Level box and the chart view shows the number of customer accounts who are above and below the relative water consumption percentage change level. This view compares current monthly usage vs. previous monthly usage.

Chart View 2: Customer Account Listing
Displays a list of customer accounts that exceeded the specified percentage change as shown in the Percentage Level box. By selecting any individual account, users can see quarterly average consumption and a quarterly consumption comparison (to customer average and maximum usage levels) which is a standard Individual Customer Consumption dashboard view.

Chart View 3: Usage Consumption Amount
Simply specify (from the drop down list options shown) the desired year, month or quarter and the chart view will compare the selected timeframe (for customer water consumption) against the current (most recent data) time period. The left hand view displays the selected water usage parameter and the right hand view displays current water usage (for comparison).

Other sample Dashboard views are:

  • Water Conservation Analyzer view
  • Customer Consumption Summary

Additional types of water customer information can be created and Utility Star “SmartView” Analytics may be adapted to display customer information for electric power, gas service, sewer service, refuse collection or other service types.

The system can even be made to work with other utility related systems, such as:

  • Finance Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • GIS Systems
  • Inventory Systems
  • Meter Data Systems
  • And more…

Please contact Able Software to see a demonstration of the Utility Star “SmartView” Analytics System capability and options