New Utility Star System Interface Capability

Able Software has recently incorporated a new software interface for the Utility Star system. This new system capability may be configured under the Rule Management console for Able Software customers who have purchased this system interface module.

Please see RMM->Category: System->Rule: Oracle ERP. This field is used for inputting the database owner information. The owner information is required for the system to verify the new system database has been successfully connected. If the correct user information is utilized, the system will display the following notification: “Connection Succeeded” after clicking the Test function. If your Utility Star system has been configured to use the Oracle ERP interface, this is how to set up and configure. OF course, Able Software is available to set this up for you, or provide whatever assistance may be necessary to make this function properly work.

In addition, there are many other third party system interfaces that the Utility Star system supports. Able Software customers can contact us directly to inquire as to whether we support your current financial system interface or discuss how we can create a new interface for your particular financial system.

Here’s how to set up the Oracle ERP System interface:

1. RMM->Category: System->Rule: Oracle ERP
2. Click Edit and go to Oracle Setting tab

3. If the input owner information matches the Oracle database owner information, the system will display this prompt as shown here:

Please Click on “Apply” and then go to Company->Oracle->Manual Update to begin importing your Utility Star system information into Oracle ERP.

4. The System will provide confirmation that your information was successfully updated.

Please contact Able Software for more information about Utility Star products.