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Enhanced Utility Star Energy Surcharge Feature

With energy conservation and environmental concerns becoming more critical, utility organizations are being driven to consider alternatives to traditional energy utility services. Energy utility companies typically encourage customers to conserve energy via tiered pricing, including the utilization of negative charges (energy credits) for customer-generated power. The Utility Star system supports the ability to provide energy credits or negative consumption rates for energy utility providers. Able Software now has a surcharge adjustment function to apply negative energy charges, which allows energy utilities to more effectively satisfy customers who qualify for such programs.

1. Utility Star Users need to update their Utility Star software to version 9.9.179 or higher.
2. Log in Utility Stat and go to Config -> Rate ->Surcharge Adjustment. Select [Create] to create a new surcharge rate, or click [Edit] to modify the existing surcharge rate. Users may then select and edit all applicable rate tiers from the surcharge rate list.

3. Cost/Unit and Minimum Charges can be set to reflect a negative value on surcharge adjustment item as shown.

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