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Ebill on Print Bill screen

Able Software continues to incorporate and enhance the Utility Star product line with the goal of making various business processes easier and more convenient for our customers. Able Software has recently released a new system update for Utility Star that helps improve the process of e-bill management, making things easier and more convenient for system users.

e-Bill Preview a new system feature allowing Utility Star users to view all outstanding email bills prior to sending to customers. This new function allows for checking and verification of electronic customer bill statements to help ensure accuracy.

1. Users need to update their Utility Star software to version 9.9.159 or higher.
2. Login to USP and go to Reports->Print Bill. Then enable (select) the checkbox titled ‘Email Bill’ under ‘Select Individual Accounts’. Then click ‘Print’ in order to preview customer e-Bills (now that their Bill Type has been set to ‘Email Bill’).

3. If the checkbox entitled: ‘Email Bill’ is left unchecked, then Utility Star will print out the bills of the accounts whose Bill Type that are to ‘Paper Bill’ and ‘All’.

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