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Utility Star Enhanced “Account by Default Cycle”

Able Software continues to incorporate and enhance the Utility Star product line with the goal of making various business processes easier and more convenient for our customers. Able Software has recently released a new system update for Utility Star that makes the process of adding new customer accounts quicker and easier for system users. It’s called “Enhanced Account by Default Cycle” and serves to automatically populate new customer accounts with proper billing cycle information, rather than requiring manual data entry for this step.

Any system process that helps minimize user data entry therefore contributes to saving time and minimizing potential operator error. So, the “Account by Default Cycle” function is used to apply a billing cycle consistent with the way your customer accounts have already been classified and set up.

When creating a new customer account, the account number sequence will be automatically matched with current accounts utilizing the same number style sequence and therefore allow the corresponding billing cycle information to be populated for the new customer account. This eliminates the system user from having to manually enter the correct billing cycle information for each new account being created.

Here’s how to set up the new “Account by Default Cycle” function:

1. Users need to update their Utility Star software to version 9.9.158 or higher.
2. Login to the Utility Star system and go to the “Company->Rule Management->Category: Work Order”. Then select Rule “DefaultCyclebyAcct”. Proceed to click on [Edit]. Then, simply input the beginning number of the account (based on the desired billing cycle designation, as set up) into “Values”.
3. Next, just separate the beginning number and cycle with “,”, and separate each group with “;” (for example: “533,1;534,2;66,3”). Then click [Apply]. When the system operator creates the new account number, the system will then correspondingly default to the designated billing cycle that matched the new account number sequence.

4. The “Customer->Add/Premise->New Premise Wizard” function will allow the correct billing cycle to be auto populated after the new Account Number has been inputted in Utility Star. Thus, there is no need for system operators to manually select the appropriate billing cycle manually.

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