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JUNE . 2014
Utility Star Enhanced User Security Feature
Able Software now offers an enhanced user rights assignment process in order to improve utility operational workflow and better define user responsibilities. Utility Star software now enables system users to have access to specific companies within the billing system platform. This means customer service employees may be granted access to any company entity or combination of company entities.

Typically, water/sewer and electricity customers are organized into separate company entities within Utility Star. Sometimes, system users fill specialized employee roles, which can now be matched to their specific roles within the organization. For example, some users may be assigned access to water customer data or electricity customer data. System users may be assigned rights to access all companies or only certain ones, based on their specific responsibility. This system enhancement helps focus employee resources and improve workflow by making Utility Star operation more straightforward and convenient.

Here’s how to access the enhanced “Company Restriction” function:

1. Users need to update their Utility Star software to version 9.9.136 or higher.
2. Log in Utility Star, System -> Operator -> Operator. Then go ahead and set up each user’s right to access specific “Companies” (contained within the bottom right-hand portion of the screen).

3. Once this process has been completed, Utility Star users will only have access to the specific company or companies they’ve been assigned to. If system users are supposed to have access to any and all companies, then this function is not required to be implemented.

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