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MAY . 2014

Utility Star Analytics Transforms Information into Powerful Visual Tools
Able Software announces the availability of our most exciting new product in several years with the advent of UTILITY STAR Analytics (USA). UTILITY STAR Analytics offers enhanced productivity and resource management capability for utility company operations. UTILITY STAR Analytics is a powerful visual tool that connects to your Utility Star billing system and allows you to view system information in color-coded charts and graphs. Viewing utility customer statistics being displayed in simple chart form makes it easy to see trends and compare information from different time periods.

Utilizing enhanced visualization for key performance metrics, decision makers at every level of the organization are better equipped to make improved operational and executive decisions. Therefore, by transforming statistical database information into simple and effective visual tools, utility management personnel can effectively achieve operational goals and better plan for the future of their business!

Easily view and interpret information trend analysis for virtually all types of data contained within your Utility Operations Platform or higher.

Sample Transaction Analysis View

Utility organization decision makers and management employees are able to have customized information views specifically set up for access to critical system information. Employee user access can be controlled so that only the properly designated people can view those specific information views. This allows customized information availability for various groups or departments, such as Customer Service Operations, Finance & Accounting, Field Service Operations, Senior Management, Board or City Council Members, etc.

Sample Field Service Order Efficiency View

The UTILITY STAR Analytics system also helps leverage your current technology system investment by significantly enhancing information analysis capability. Getting more out of your technology system data creates additional value to your organization.

UTILITY STAR Analytics may be integrated with virtually any third party system database, which means information from your accounting software, GIS system, metering system, SCADA system, etc. may also be displayed with powerful visual chart formats. There’s even a way to take information from various system databases and combine together with Utility Star system data to view unique combinations of information within the same chart view!

Sample Energy Production Analysis View

Sample Cashier Performance View

Sample Collection Efficiency Analysis View

It’s time to investigate how to get more out of your current system data and look into the advantages of UTILITY STAR Analytics...

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