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MARCH . 2014
Payment Posting Audit Report
Utility Star billing software contains a number of reports for the auditing and monitoring of customer payment information. One such report is the Payment Posting Audit Report. This report shows posted customer payments by batch number and limited the payment record content to a single batch date. Since payment batches can be processed over multiple days, there is now an option to run a Payment Posting Audit Report encompassing multiple batch dates. This allows all payment records from a single batch to be contained within the report, regardless of the individual payment record date.

To enable the Payment Posting Audit Report to contain payment records with multiple dates, please follow the steps shown here:

1. Users should make sure their Utility Star system has been updated to version 9.9.128 or higher.
2. Log in USP, and go to Company->Rule Management->Report. Enable Rule: Batch Num Ctrl, and click Apply.

3. After configuration, go to Reports->Show Reports->Money Reports->Payment Posting Audit Report. Users can select the batch date range for a particular Batch Number. The report generated will include all records with the same batch number within record dates you specify.

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