Newsletter 2013
New Premise Bill History Feature Available

Able Software continually works to improve and enhance the Utility Star software product line. For utility service providers, everyone understands customer service is a key component of such organizations. The ability to quickly and accurately access utility customer data is always an important issue. In the past, Utility Star software has enabled customer service users to look up bill history by customer. Now, Able Software has incorporated a new feature which allows users to also look up bill history information by Premise. This feature enables bill history information to be organized according to the specific premise, which will show all past tenant (and current tenant) information. This handy new tool is now available with the latest version of Utility Star software.

Here’s how to access the new “Premise related Bill History” function.

1. Users need to update their Utility Star software to version 9.9.112 or higher.

2. Log in UTP, System -> Customize Form Tab -> Edit Premise. Set the value of BillHist to “Is Active”.

3. Now, you’ll be able to see the BillHist tab under “Edit Premise” screen.

4. Click the “Filter” button to engage the pop-up “Bill History Revenue Code” window.

5. Then Select the desired Revenue Code you wish to use in order to generate a report.


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  • • Payment Batch Enhancement
  • • Omniterm High Usage Limit
  • • Red Flag Compliance Option
  • • Receipt Printing Enhancement
  • • Enhanced Revenue Code Filter
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  • • Improve Information Reporting
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  • • Mail Merge
  • • Sensitive tab enhanced security
  • • "Billing View Only" work pattern
  • • Save Bill-Print Script
  • • DB size warning
  • • Age Snapshot Enhancement
  • The latest USP edition is 9.9.113.