Newsletter 2013
Omniterm Hand Held Unit Enhancement

Able Software provides utility customers with a low cost option for hand held meter reading devices. The OmniTerm hand held unit is a manual read device for inputting meter read and corresponding route information. The OmniTerm unit is integrated with the Utility Star billing system to transfer information from the device directly into your billing system in just one convenient step.

Able Software has recently added a new enhancement feature to the OmniTerm hand held device operating system. The device now has the capability to recognize a specific value for a high or low meter read warning message. Previous versions of the OmniTerm OS included a warning message for any meter reading which exceeded high or low usage based on a percentage basis only. With this new feature, users can set a specific meter read amount limit value as well as see percentage based warning messages.

For example, the meter read warning value is set to a fixed number, such as:

High limit = 10,000; Low limit = 1,000

If the usage for a particular meter is 10,000 or above OR lower than 1,000, then it will automatically warn the meter reader, regardless of percentage value of the deviation.

1. Your Utility Star software system should be updated to version 9.9.090 or higher and your OmniTerm unit’s OS should be updated to version 7.

Please contact Able Software for assistance, as we will provide the necessary OS update files for your OmniTerm device.

2. Log in USP, Company -> Rule Management -> meter-> meter Usage Error checking, and choose a Company. Set up its “High Usage Limit” & “Low Usage Limit”. See the screenshot example below:

3. So, once the OmniTerm device is set up with the appropriate warning limits, meter readers will be warned accordingly.


Please contact Able Software for more information about Utility Star products.

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