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  • The latest UTP edition is 9.9.065.




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Improve Information Reporting with Utility Star Analytics

Able Software plans to release an exciting new product called Utility Star Analytics (USA).  Utility Star Analytics is a robust reporting facility that gathers business intelligence (BI) information from multiple sources and provides utility organizations an industry focused tool for viewing relevant information.

  • Data Qualification:  Allows utility organizations to understand the various types of data available, analyze data accuracy and decide how data can be utilized to improve customer service.
  • Data Integration:  Manage multiple data sources, create data definitions and provide updated information.
  • Data Metrics:  Define information metrics for analysis and measurement of information.
  • Report Design:  Collect and measure available information into easy-to-understand report formats.
  • Graphical Display:  Employs visual data display such as charts, tables and graphs for report information.
  • Theme Management:  System users can customize information display formatting as desired.
  • Relevant Information Repository:  Real-Time information updates refresh available information for improved reporting accuracy.

Utility organizations collect information from multiple sources such as financial systems, SCADA systems, inventory-asset management, GIS, Service Order management and others.  The requirement to combine disparate information into a coherent, easy-to-understand source of reliable information has never been greater, or more challenging than with today’s increasingly complex systems. 
Utility Star Analytics provides system users the ability to gather and integrate data from multiple sources into useful information with powerful visual reporting tools.

One example is Utility Collection Efficiency.  Understanding the flow of customer payments and how efficient the collection process is, can be helpful to utility operations in many ways.  Receivable payment recovery in a timely manner can improve utilization of the funds and reduce the cost of revenue collection.  The ability to view web based graphical reports to better understand utility customer payment status can be a helpful tool.  Comparing monthly or yearly revenue efficiency helps illustrate utility organization capitalization and current collection trends.  Reports such as “Collection Efficiency by Bill Data”, “Monthly Comparison”, “Yearly Comparison” can be useful in understanding the flow of customer payment revenue. 
Being able to change report settings to vary information based on Bill Date, Customer Type, Collection Period, Payment Ratio and Billed Amount combined with graphical information displays makes information easy to see and understand for senior management and audit personnel.  Report information can also be exported to Excel for further sorting and data management capability.

Collection Efficiency Report Examples:


Collection Efficiency Reports such as these can illustrate how information may be used to improve revenue collection processes and better manage customer service operations.
Collection Efficiency Analysis is but one example of the types of information that may be utilized with Utility Star Analytics.
More information will be coming from Able Software about Utility Star Analytics and its usefulness for Utility Organizations of all sizes and types.

Please contact Able Software for more information about Utility Star Analytics