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API Level Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Able Software continues to enhance the Utility Star software product line and add increased functionality and flexibility to the system.  An example of this approach is the ability to integrate Utility Star software with various financial software systems.
Able Software has long offered interface products for financial software systems such as Sage (MIP, Accpac, Peachtree), MS Dynamics GP, MS Dynamics Solomon, Fundware, QuickBooks and others.  Typically the interface consists of a file import/export utility to the General Ledger system which allows users to save valuable time by electronically moving transactional payment data from Utility Star system.  There are associated reports also available as well.  This type of feature means manual data entry into the GL System is eliminated, making things much more convenient for financial system users.
Recently, Able Software has developed a more robust level of system integration called API Integration.  API stands for Application Program Interface and enables the two system databases to directly communicate together.  This process results in the data export from Utility Star to the GL System being automated by the user activating a command within Utility Star.  The data transfer process then takes place according to a defined process.  This approach to system integration is more advanced, saves yet more time and allows utility system users to easily complete the process of transferring information from Utility Star to their General Ledger System.
One example of API integration is with Microsoft Dynamics GP financial software.   Able Software has built a connection to the MS Dynamics application and here is some information about how the process works.  This same process can be created with your particular financial system software as long as your FS System vendor is open to working with Able Software on this type of project.
API integration with MS Dynamics GP provides added convenience to exporting transactional data to the General Ledger System.
Standard interface integration works in this manor:

  1. Utility Star generates a file that contains transactions to be exported
  2. The user accesses their Financial System and manually imports the file
  3. Once the file import process is completed, the data will appear as an un-posted batch

API integration works in this manor:

  1. Utility Star generates a file that contains data transactions and automatically sends to your Financial System
  2. When you log-in to the your Financial System, the Utility Star transaction information will be available

Reporting options are the same for either approach.  Utility Star would produce a report showing what information was moved into the GL System
In order to get started using the API process, some initial setup is required.  There’s a minor program that needs to be deployed (shown below)
To access the "Microsoft Dynamics GP" function:
1. Update the Utility Star to the version 9.9.048 or higher.
2. Install Microsoft Dynamics GP to UTP path.

3. Log in UTP, Company -> General Ledger -> Export GL Dynamics.

With API integration, a new window (shown below) will pop up, that automatically sends info to your Financial System
4. In the "'UTP To Dynamic GP" window, choose export criteria and click [Send].

5. After the “All Files Sent Complete!” screen displays, you can access the Dynamics GP interface screen and check different statistics for different revenues.

Please contact Able Software if you have any questions