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  • The latest UTP edition is 9.9.050.












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New Enhanced Customer Status Flexibility

Able Software has always been committed to finding ways to enhance and improve Utility Star software for our utility customers. We believe understanding utility billing software business processes and adapting our product features to accommodate changing business requirements is key requirement for maintaining a high level of user satisfaction.

Able Software has recently added a new customer status definition for utility billing customers requiring a “Move-In” or “Move-Out” status designation.  Previously, customers would be categorized with two different status codes, called “OFFB” & “OFFP”.  The OFFB code is for customers who’ve moved out and have an unpaid balance while the OFFP code is for customers who moved out and paid their final balance.  However, there are occasions where a recently moved out customer will pay an amount greater than what is owed resulting in a “credit balance” situation.  The new “OFFC” customer status code can now be applied to those utility customers having a credit balance remaining.  The OFFC customer code allows Utility Star users to group those customers together and run a report for viewing all customer move-outs with a credit balance.

  • OFFB = Moved out and billed (customer’s outstanding balance is a positive number)
  • OFFP = Moved out and paid bill off (customer’s outstanding balance is $0.00)
  • OFFC = Moved out and paid bill off with credit balance (customer’s outstanding balance is a negative number)

In order to utilize this new customer status code:

1. Utility Star software should be updated to version 9.9.045 or higher.
2. To make use of the new OFFC status, there are certain “system rules” that needs to be enabled. To do this, go to Company – Company Maintenance – Other Rules tab. Find the following rule code and set all values to “1”. The rule codes are:

  • ChangeStatusAD
  • ChangeStatusPY
  • ChangeStatusBILL

Please contact Able Software if you have questions