• Backflow Management
  • New "Favorite Reports"
  • Payment Posting Ownership
  • Able Managed Services
  • Data Archiving
  • Work Order Batch Logging
  • Alert on Payment Screens
  • Filter Bill History
  • Rounding Winter Quarter Average
  • Set Vacant function
  • Enhanced Meter Warning Configuration
  • Customer Status Statistics Report
  • Print Reminder To Email
  • Mail Merge
  • Sensitive tab enhanced security
  • "Billing View Only" work pattern
  • Save Bill-Print Script
  • DB size warning
  • Age Snapshot Enhancement



  • The latest UTP edition is 9.9.040.








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Able Software Introduces Utility Star Platinum Multi-Pay Enhancement

Utility Star Platinum contains a Multi-Pay function that allows a single payment to be applied to multiple accounts.  Able Software has recently enhanced system Multi-Pay functionality so a single payment may also be assigned to the same account multiple times, when needed.  This means Utility Star Platinum users can now have complete control over how a single payment should be allocated across multiple customer accounts (or multiple bills for one account).  This new Multi-Pay system enhancement adds powerful new functionality and flexibility for Utility Star Platinum system users.

It’s also easy to utilize the new Multi-Pay enhancement feature in Utility Star Platinum.

1. Utility Star Platinum must be updated to version 9.9.035 (or more recent) in order to have access the new Multi-Pay feature.  
2. After logging in to Utility Star Platinum, simply go to the Payment menu and then select the Payment Entry screen and click on the “Multi-Pay” button.
3. Enter your payment amount, select accounts for payments and specify how much payment to be applied towards a specific account.  Then activate the Multi-Pay button to process the payments within Utility Star Platinum.

Please contact Able Software if you have questions.