• • Payment Posting Ownership
  • • Able Managed Services
  • • Data Archiving
  • • Work Order Batch Logging
  • • Alert on Payment Screens
  • • Filter Bill History
  • • Rounding Winter Quarter Average
  • • Set Vacant function
  • • Enhanced Meter Warning   Configuration
  • • Customer Status Statistics Report
  • • Print Reminder To Email
  • • Mail Merge
  • • Sensitive tab enhanced security
  • • "Billing View Only" work pattern
  • • Save Bill-Print Script
  • • DB size warning
  • • Age Snapshot Enhancement


  • The latest UTP edition is 9.9.034.




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New "Favorite Reports" Function

Utility Star Platinum features over 200 standard report templates to aid users with collecting & displaying key utility information.  Able Software has recently added another level of functionality for system reporting which now displays the top 20 most frequently requested reports.  This feature is accessed by the “Favorites” button on the main “Show Reports” screen.  This handy feature makes it quick & easy to access commonly used reports and print as necessary.

This is how users can access the "Report Favorites" function.

1. Users must have their Utility Star Platinum system updated to version 9.9.022 (or more recent) in order to access this valuable feature.
2. After logging in to Utility Star Platinum, just go to the main reports screen and then click on "Show Reports". The default screen will displays your system's most frequently requested reports.
3. The "Show Reports" screen will displays top 20 most frequently run reports by the system users. They are sorted in order by frequency of use.
4. Users can also change the display to show all reports, simply by selecting the [Show All] button. To change back to Favorites mode, just select the [Favorites] button. That's all there is to it!

Please contact Able Software if you have any questions.