• • Data Archiving
  • • Work Order Batch Logging
  • • Alert on Payment Screens
  • • Filter Bill History
  • • Rounding Winter Quarter Average
  • • Set Vacant function
  • • Enhanced Meter Warning   Configuration
  • • Customer Status Statistics Report
  • • Print Reminder To Email
  • • Mail Merge
  • • Sensitive tab enhanced security
  • • "Billing View Only" work pattern
  • • Save Bill-Print Script
  • • DB size warning
  • • Age Snapshot Enhancement


  • The latest UTP edition is 9.9.020.














Able Software Company
Phone:877 ABLE-252
Web: www.able-soft.com
Announcing Able Managed Services

Capitalizing on the popularity and cost effectiveness of cloud computing, Able Software announces the availability of Able Managed Services (AMS).  By utilizing vast economies of scale, Cloud Computing now provides a viable alternative to traditional methods for storing and managing data.  Online data storage services are relatively easy to manage, highly efficient and offer increased security protection for important information.   In particular, smaller firms may benefit from a bevy of data protection options while reducing overall costs.

Able Software understands data backup and storage management are important issues for utility companies.  Though Utility Star Platinum saves customer data and enables additional copies of your utility customer database on local computers or servers, the larger issue of disaster recovery needs to be recognized and accounted for.  Other factors for consideration are today’s increasingly larger databases and variety of different data sources (from different databases).  Increasingly complex  IT environments make data management more challenging and costly.   

Able Managed Services (AMS), provide data archiving and recovery services, utilize data encryption tools  and can provide a level of service previously affordable for larger companies.  Able Managed Services utilizes is user-friendly, reliable, highly secure and affordable for smaller utility firms.  AMS employs a user friendly customer interface to create a simple-to-use, yet powerful solution.

Let AMS  help satisfy your utility organization’s disaster recovery requirements.

As illustrated on this sample user interface screen, it’s relatively simple to set up your customized backup process.  Once a particular file has been saved, the AMS software utility performs a data backup.  For documents that change rapidly and require continuous data protection, the system can be set to automatically send file updates every 15 minutes.  By utilizing a Cloud system for data storage and management, the ability to recover critical customer information has never been easier or more affordable.  Safeguarding data from potential disaster recovery scenarios can be addressed with Able Managed Services .  

Please contact Able Software for more information about AMS Cloud Backup options.